Project Platypus

Project Platypus – AKA – Moons Mill Outdoor pool/pond is close to completion so we wanted to show some images of how the project has progressed since we started in Feb 2022.

The pool is two metres deep in the middle, thirteen metres wide with over 250,000 litres of borehole water. The pool is very “diveable” from the showpiece rock.

The full set of Project Platypus photos is available by clicking on the image below taking you through to the full album on Google Photos.

We owe a big salute to Eugene and his team for making this all happen.

Project Platypus

Bore Hole up and running

We had been hoping to find drinking water at the property, however the costs of a borehole were close to prohibitive.

Instead we looked to a local firm who use a simper technology that works down to about fifteen metres underground. At seven metres we found a vein and out came drinkable water. Since the find we have had a pump installed and we now have access to an unlimited supply of potable water.

Some other photos of upgrades to the house including the fourth (en-suite bedroom) attached to the main house. This has a separate entrance which is well suited to teenagers that you don’t want to bump into during the night.